Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Johnny Cash Highlights

We had a great time at the Johnny Cash show at the Ventura Fairgrounds. Lots of beautiful cars, bikes and great music!
Thanks Tory for hosting us at the show!
Check out Tory's site at: handsomedevilclothingstore.com

The day started a bit foggy but by the time the sun peeked out the beer was kicking in and we didn't care anymore.

Current project for a customer.


Beautiful Shovel and awesome exhaust by Kurt.

Mikes Pan

The proper way to check out a bike IS with a beer in your hand.

Alan's Triumph

Another beer drinker with excellent taste in bikes.

Kurt actully got out of his chair to help this customer!

Bikes and cars!

Matt Noble schooling Kurt on how he could paint his tanks better.
Check Noble out at: noblefab.com
This car gets driven, this is no trailer queen.
(Update: Ok, it was driven to a trailer but I didn't know that!)

Another beauty.

Car show winner... a Noble Fabrication DeSoto.


Woollybears 1936 truck..such a fun ride!
Check him out at: woollybeardingrepair.com
Best surfboard repair guy around.

Club cars

Kurt and his first customer from 15 years ago, Kurt built him an Indian Chief.

Kurt and Tommy Stork
See his work at: http://www.f29th.com/

Vince Felix in a cheery mood!

Best of Show Motorcycle Trophy made by Kurt and painted by Vince Felix. If you need fantastic pinstriping call Vince at 805-223-0212.

Best of Show Winner

Gratuitous Pin-up shots.

We were overrun by a gaggle of pin-ups.

Greggs ready to go.

This is Kurt's "why am I not at home watching HBO" face.

Parting shot by the ever gracious Tommy.

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